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Artistic nude model

From a very young age I loved being in the spotlight, including being in front of the camera. It has always felt 'wrong' to enjoy that, a judgemental voice in my head thougth I was a "attention whore". I started realizing that it is not a bad thing, but a talent and something I could embrace. 

For as long as I can remember I was one of the most 'free' people in my surroundings when it comes to being naked. And so I decided to join these two elements together: Be in front of a camera with few clothes on. 

And it feels like coming home, like finally fully embracing myself as who I am and who I desire to be. Naked and free. I hope you enjoy the art that I make with the photographers. 

Artistic Nude Model: Over mij


I want to change how we look at nudity in a way that I don't want to be sexualised as a woman just because I am showing skin. A way to connect to our pure and innocent place of admiration for human body esthetics, without direct sexual nudges. Another part wishes to fade away the extremely explicit porn-industry by bringing back sensuality and sexuality in art. Seeing how we can access our sexual energy in a much less explicit way. It sounds like a paradox: getting rid of sexual associations with nudity and at the same time reframing sexuality. Well, I think it goes together. 

Either way, I hope you discretely and with integrity, enjoy the art that I have been making in collaboration with different photographers & artists. Please let me know what you feel while seeing these pieces of art. 


Frank Vos 


Beyond Nudity & Johnny


Jolie Vullinghs


Frank Vos


Beyond Nudity & Johnny


Boudoir Beleving


Boudoir Beleving

Artistic Nude Model: Recensies
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