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Flourish & Flow: Over mij

Flourish & Flow

Reclaim your feminine Intuition
Transform your life from "have to", to "want to"

For whom is Flourish & Flow?


This program is perfect for you, if you recognize the desire to...
1. ...feel a deep sense of rest, peace and stability inside?
2. ...feel resilient & energized in what comes your way in life?
3. ...enjoy the little moments and be more present in the now?
4. ...let go easily of the inner voices of self-criticism & stick to the commitments that you make with yourself?
5. ...feel more connected to your body & experience more relaxation?
6. ...experience more flow in your life?
7. ...experience more trust in life ánd confidence in yourself?
8. ...say out loud what you think or feel without the fear of rejection?
9. ...connect more deeply & intimately with other women?
10. ...experience more safety & intimacy in your love life?

After Flourish & Flow you will have/feel...

1. ...connected to and at home in your body.
2. ... confident of your body’s strength, knowledge and ways of communication.
3. ... clarity in being able to discern the voice of your inner critic from the voice of your intuiton. 
4. ... a deep sense of love and acceptance for who you are.
5. ... a clear direction of what you want in life and how to reach that step by step.
6. ... tools to regulate your stress, thoughts and emotions.
7. ... tools to consciously and lovingly communicate with others while still connected to your feelings, experience & needs.
8. ... a clear sense of your own desires and boundaries in intimacy.
9. ... a group of women around you that make you feel loved, accepted and uplifted for who you are.  
10. ... more magic unfolding in your life.

Flourish & Flow: Over

What the women before you said...

Flourish & Flow: Recensies
Tessa de Jonge.jpg

Tessa de Jonge

Flourish & Flow felt very nourishing to me. It brought me connection to other women and to myself. It brought me home to my body and emotions. During the program there was space for everything to be shared, it felt really vulnerable, but also really freeing to be heard in everything that was going through me.

Flourish & Flow: Afbeelding

6 themes in 12 weeks

Every two weeks, we dive into one theme that will give important information on living from your intuition. The first week of the theme you will have an online call with an intimate group of women lead by Flora. During the calls you get theoretic teachings from Flora and excercises to experience and use it yourself. After that there is space and time for sharing real-life cases that you can ask advice or reflections on from Flora ánd the group. The second week of a theme you will receive individual assignments to deepen into the subject of the call.

Read about the 6 themes that we will dive into.

Flourish & Flow: Tekst
Flourish & Flow: Lijst

Week 1 & 2

The Intuition

You will learn what intuition is exactly, and you will understand why the morning practices (Spiritual Gym) are the main entrance into your intuition.

You will deepen the psychological layer through exploring your limiting beliefs and learn a tool that will make your thoughts work for you rather than against you. 

Week 3 & 4

The Feminine

You will learn about masculine and feminine energy and you explore how you see that in yourself so you can start consciously putting it into use.

As a deepening on the feminine energy, menstruation expert Shayna (@emvrouwerment) will
teach your more about the feminine cycle and how to use it in your advantage.

Week 5 & 6

The Connection

You start investigating the roots of your patterns in connection.

During the unique in person live day on the Saturday of week 5 (for exact date, scroll down to practicals), you will learn how to consciously communicate. And ofcourse you will apply this to daily life.

Week 7 & 8

The Choice

You learn about he power of choice and how you can use this power to shape your life exaclty as your intuition tells you. You learn how to pace the change in small steps at a time.

DISCLAIMER: The power of choice can transform A LOT in your life 

Week 9 & 10 

The Alchemy

You go a layer deeper, you learn that fully feeling through emotions is a powerful way to cleanse yourself & let go.

You will notice that feeling your feelings will open you up to another layer that potentially unlocks your sensual, subtle layer of feminine pleasure.

Week 11 & 12

The Sisterhood

You receive tools and basics on how to move forward with the group of women as a women's circle. Living the Sisterhood Culture as a lifestyle.

You will reflect on the whole transformation. You harvest the fruits of gratefullness, love and proudness of the whole healing process. You explore how you can walk the path of intuition as an integrated lifestyle.

Tess en tess.jpg


“Meeting each other where we are at with love and true heart connection”

“Connection without words”

“Depth in connection and a warm bath that never ends.”

“The feeling of being understood in a place without judgement” 

“It’s loving & supportive.”

“Truly holding each other up, centering each other by being present” 

“A place of compassion to be yourself and heal, grow and celebrate together” 

Flourish & Flow: Tekst
Flourish & Flow: Afbeelding


Price in December

VIP Price in December

Price in January €1111,-

* VIP spots include four 1-on-1 calls with Flora and more personal guidance through online (voice) messages
**There is a limited amount of VIP spots
*** From January on VIP spots will be closed

Flourish & Flow: Lijst

I also make tailored made financial agreements with anyone who needs that.

I want to openly discuss what feels feasible (even if it’s symbolically €10,- per month), because financial situations are so very very different. 

I create a space in which we can openly talk about it during our call, which can be quite groundbreaking. 

Flourish & Flow: Over

Along with this, you will receive 12 weeks of: SPIRITUAL GYM

Flourish & Flow: Tekst

Practical Details



The time and dates for the online calls:
Bi-weekly on Tuesday from 19:45 - 22:00 (CET) on

23 - 01 - 2024

06 - 02 - 2024

20 - 02 - 2024

05 - 03 - 2024
19 - 03 - 2024
02 - 04 - 2024



"The experience of connecting with the group in person felt heartwarming. It was special to connect with the women I only had seen on the screen. Suddenly it felt so real and I could sense there already was this bond between us."
~ Jolien Stoop ~

Tuesday 2nd of January (BONUS)
The Sisterhood Culture Immersion is free for all women taking the leap (for Flourish & Flow) before December 22nd. 

Sunday 25th of February - The Connection Day
This in person day in the middle of the Program (end of week 5), will be a deep dive day into conscious connection & communication. The main theme is "How to stay connected to myself while being connected to others". We talk about conversational tools & practice boundary setting. 

Sunday 14th of April 2024 - The Celebration Day
This in person day at the of the progam, will be a day of celebration. After the 12 weeks of (online) self exploration, we make space to celebrate our growth, lift eachother up & cheer eachother on. Really acknowledging the hard work and how it paid off. 



It's not homework, because you do it for yourself

Bi-weekly you get self work assignments. These assignments always continue to deepen on the topic of the call the week before. 

IThese tools and assignments will be the actual integration: can you come back to them over and over again to walk the path of intution. 

Flourish & Flow: Lessen
Flourish & Flow: Tekst

Deep inside you feel a YES, a clear, brave YES. But probably there are many objections, limitations and questions arising. I invite you to chat with me: just book a call and we can discern the actual obstacles from the limiting beliefs. Let's create opportunities. Because I am sure: so much more is possible than you can imagine. 

Flourish & Flow: Afbeelding
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