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"Basically Spiritual Gym gives you all the advantages of a normal gym, from the comfort of your own home... and in a much more soft, holistic and authentic way."

Spiritual Gym: Afbeelding

12 weeks, 12 practices. You receive a YouTube link that connects you to a playlist where a new video airs every week, from 9th of October till 31st of December. You get to use it in your way, at the time that suits you most. 

Scared that you won’t get to it, or have the discipline for it?

I give you a brilliant tool in the Introduction video, to make sure you don’t overestimate yourself then get disappointed and quit altogether (trust me, I’ve been there). So, I give you a tool to make sure you CAN achieve the action plan and transform yourself from your own home.

Who will join me for 12 embodiment practices?

I would love to guide you in this beautiful journey towards more embodiment, emotional & energetic regulation and intuitive living. 

Lots of love 


Spiritual Gym: Over

The ones that tried it say:

Spiritual Gym: Recensies
Spiritual Gym: Afbeelding

For whom is Spiritual Gym?

You wanna feel more alive, vibrant and healthy. But going to the actual gym drains the f*ck out of you. Than Spiritual Gym is for you. 

Spiritual Gym is for all humans (and all genders!) that want to feel more vibrant and alive, because through authentic movement, you will start to come more and more into yourself and your own energy. 

The practices will raise your consciousness and self-awareness during the day which will allow you to act according to what your body (and therefor intuition) is telling you. 

Basically Spiritual Gym gives you all the advantages of a normal gym, from the comfort of your own home... and in a much more soft, holistic and authentic way. 

Sounds like a no brainer, right? 

Spiritual Gym: Tekst
Spiritual Gym: Tekst

What is Spiritual Gym?

Coming home in your body every day

During 12 weeks I invite you in to use the practices according to your personal & achievable action plan (that you create in the introduction video). Every week you receive a new practice. It invites you to feel and move your body, daring to be with what is and become more present and conscious.

Through SPIRITUAL GYM you will feel:
- More in shape both physically and mentally
- More in touch with yourself and your inner world
- Your physical and mental boundaries more clearly
- You take more breaks during the day
- Clearly what you body needs
- More energy during the day
- More tools to balance your energy
- More flexible in body and mind
- That it’s easier to hear and act upon your intuition
- More relaxation and rest
- That you take deeper breaths more frequently


From a tantric perspective on embodiment I work with the elements of breath, sound and movement. These three will be pivotal in Spiritual Gym.

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