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About Flora: Over mij

Who am I?

And what is my mission?


I am Flora Huberts, I am a Social Psychologist, creative trainer in connecting and intimacy guide for groups. Connecting I do on a physical level (through breath, sound and movement) and the mental layer (through exchanging words).

Why I believe in what I do?
Through connection with those two layers, you start knowing your inner landscape (the connection with yourself) so from there you can show your vulnerability. Vulnerability is the key to deep connection from human to human. I facilitate that people can be seen in an authentic state, so they can be healed through simply loving presence.

When I work with a group, I automatically work on a deeper layer. I do not only “solve a problem”, no, I come and break open towards the gold of all individuals, and therefore, the group.

I do this in a loving and soft way, and sometimes razor sharp and direct way. I balance between the masculine & Feminine in myself and invite the group into embodiment of those qualities.

And what I hope to achieve in every minute of my work, is to create a more loving world. 

Flora's fun facts

* I am addicted to matcha latte
* In my teenage years I traveled solo to America, Nepal & Israel
* I lived in Amsterdam for 7 years (and yes, I was a typical Amsterdammer that did not leave the city)
* I am an optimist at heart and I think in sollutions
* I really love food, but REALLY
* I can easily change outfit 3 times a day
* I am a little one: 1.58m
* I am often found in the woods or nature in general
* I dance around like a little toddler when you turn on K3 songs

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